Building web applications broken after uninstalling VS2013

I ‘m no longer using VS2013, so i decided to uninstall it. I’ve been using VS2015 for more than a year now, so it made sense to clean up my workstation. After uninstalling, I got the following error when building web applications with MSBuild: error MSB4019: The imported project «C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v11.0\WebApplications\Microsoft.WebApplication.targets» was not found. […]

Creating RavenDB-databases from a script

I’m working on setting up all servers from scripts, and tried to explicitly create a RavenDB database from a script. RavenDB will automatically create databases for you, but since the Replication bundle must be added when the database is created, I need to explicitly create databases. The RavenDB documentation states that you can create a […]

Simulating remote web services for testing

I recently had to troubleshoot an error in an integration with a 3rd party system. We were fetching changesets over a web service, and somehow ended up with errors in the database. The error rate was just a few errors for every 1000 elements, so this required quite a bit of effort to figure out, […]

Bringing my git-ignore settings with me

Since I’m working a lot of different places, and on quite a few different computers, I need to reconfigure my git-ignore settings every now and then. To manage my settings, I’ve put my git excludes in my Dropbox folder. This gives med the added advantage that all ignore settings are automatically syncronized between computers. This […]

An adventure in XCode and Cocoa

Since I haven’t learned a new language in a while, I wanted to try something new. Next stop Cocoa Mac and XCode. It took quite a while to figure out how the Interface Builder and XCode worked together, but I’ll try to give a quick explanation: First I created a new Application, and XCode created […]